Breaking News: Ralkap nih nihin ah Thantlang Khuapi an khangh cuahmah than. Kawl Ralkap nih nihin zingka in Thantlang an khangh than, meithal ngan zong an kah i atuhi Drone in a cung in kan zoh hna tik ah Ralkap pawl an i chawhlen mi hmuh khawh a si tiah a lang in a cuanmi TCP zanghlei cawi pakhat nih a chim. Atuhi, Sianginn sang chung, Sianginn thlanglei a kangh cuahmah lio a si, Zeizahdah a kang timi bel cu theih a si rih lo, tiah a chimchap.

Regime troops is burning Thantlang Town today. They have been burning the houses again in Thantlang town since this morning. We heard heavy artillery firing from the regime troops and as far as we can see from drone’s image, we can confirm that the regime soldiers are in town, said a TCP volunteer.

Volunteer added that the burning is happening the lower part of the town in Sianginn Ward which is also the outskir of the town and the road heading to Camp Victoria. Credit: The Chinland Post.

Thawngpang dang.Tute koko ahkhan Halkha in Chuncung khua lei ah ralhrang 20 tluk motor raang mi in an kal. An mah ralhrang motor tucu Halkha thar lamruk tonnak ah an chiah i, civil motor cit in Chuncung lei panh in an kal lio tiah Salai William HC nih a langhter.

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